May 7, 2007

Monoman joins Castle Stronghold

I'm now working at Castle Stronghold, the company Project Castle's creator Hammett (Hamilton Verissimo), founded to provide support, consultancy, customizations for organizations that choose to use Project Castle marvelous technology.

New things to learn (InversionOfControl in practice, ActiveRecord in practice, MonoRail's MVC in practice, and so on).

Back to using VS.NET (Eclipse and MonoDevelop key combinations doesn't work in there, pity) and the Windows Command Prompt (how many times I've typed ls or cat or grep, to no avail, so far?...Lots of times).

But I've been designing/coding for the last 30 years, and I still like it, and still like to learn, more and more, so it's kind of energizing for me to tackle this new endeavor.

Hope I can help the company and its clients while I'm there, and I hope to also be helping the FOSS ecosystem, in the end.

Engines started!!!

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Filip Duyck said...

UnxUtils - don't leave home without it :-)