Aug 16, 2008

Today I've started post-graduation studies (lato sensu)

During the next 12 months, I'll be back to the student seat, to learn how to teach, again.

It has some kind of a ... pendular beauty, I think...


C.J. said...

Hey there Rafael,

What are you studying?

Did you know that the changes I did to your command-line options parser was my first contribution to the mono project?

I hope you enjoy your courses!


Rafael 'Monoman' Teixeira said...

Hi C.J.

Thanks for your contributions.

My course is a twelve-month whole-Saturday one named something like:

Formation of Docents for the Higher Education

That is a more literal translation. In more common terms:

Preparation of Professors for Teaching in College Graduation.

In the end just means that I'll still be a B. Sc. E. E., but will be able to teach in College.

A Masters Degree in awaiting for me I'm sure. But nothing so far has ignited my passion for knowledge in a way that could make it a sure bet for a Master's Thesis.

Suggestions are welcome.