Aug 26, 2009

PHP Toolkit for ADO.NET Data Services

Well that is an interesting crossover: Having your data served by .NET on a REST way, being easily consumed by a PHP web app.

See A new bridge for PHP developers to .NET through REST: PHP Toolkit for ADO.NET Data Services which I've found via Julie Lerman's Blog , which I've found out via Google after receiving an email from O'Reilly inviting to a free webcast with her: Entity Framework Tips & Tricks.

This is the nature of the Internet, it provides a continuous stream of connections (links) popping up every second that allow us to thread our way through many interesting subjects.

For a curious mind like mine, this is both a blessing and a curse, as it allows me to grow my knowledge and renew my stock of questions, but surely steal out lots of my time, thus playing havoc with my personal planning... :)
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