Sep 2, 2011

NugetCracker 0.4

Version 0.4 - BumpVersion now increments version, builds project and packs nuget 
Uses new color-capable indenting console-logger

Sample session:

NugetCracker 0.4

Using C:\Projects\MetaProject.NugetCracker
Scanning '.' - 'C:\Projects'
Scanned 6454 directories
Found 36 components
Ready - l inad
    Listing components filtered by 'inad' ...
    [0001] ManagementPluginAD.2.5.35 - ActiveDirectory Management Plugin [C# Nuget Project]
Ready - help
    Available Commands:
        BumpVersion     Bumps up a version for a component
        Help, ?         Show this list of commands or an specific command help
        List            List components, optionally filtered by regular expression
        Quit, Exit      Stops interactive mode
Ready - help b

    BumpVersion [options] pattern

        Bumps up the [AssemblyVersion]/Package Version of the component and rebuilds/repackages.
        The [AssemblyFileVersion] attribute also is kept in sync with the [AssemblyVersion].
        If component generates a Nuget it is not automatically published unless the --cascade
        or --publish options were specified.

        -part:[major, minor, build, revision}
                Increments the major, minor, build, revision version number.
                If option is ommitted the default is to increment build number.
                Update all dependent components to use the new build/package, and them their dependent
                components and so on. If some components generate a Nuget, the Nuget is published to
                a temporary output 'source' and the dependent components have their package references
                updated, if all goes successfully packages are them published to the default or specified
                Specifies that even if not cascaded package should be published if successful.
                Specifies source other than the default to publish nugets to.
Ready - b -part:revision inad
    Bumping component 'ManagementPluginAD' version from 2.5.35 to
    Setting new version to
    Building ManagementPluginAD.
    Packaging ManagementPluginAD.
        Attempting to build package from 'ManagementPluginAD.csproj'.
        Packing files from 'C:\Projects\ManagementPluginAD\bin\Debug'.
        Using 'ManagementPluginAD.nuspec' for metadata.
        Found packages.config. Using packages listed as dependencies
        Successfully created package 'C:\Projects\ManagementPluginAD\ManagementPluginAD.'.
Ready -

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