Aug 7, 2012

Event: Interopmix & Mobile Games August 24/25 at BandTec College in São Paulo (Brazil)

The gaming industry has been earning usually double what the billionaire movie industry has been getting in the last years, and still there is a lot to grow. Particularly in Brazil it is just in its infancy, so there is a lot of opportunities just ahead.

But to seize those opportunities, it is not enough to show some desire and entrepreneurial spirit, you need refined knowledge and technical mastery, since the creation of a game demands to build teams with skills in various areas such as programming, graphic design, 3D modeling.

To further the spreading of that knowledge, engage new professionals, and show what's new in this area, Bandtec college will be receiving the event: Interopmix Mobile & Games in São Paulo.

We will present new technologies based on interoperable .NET based platforms, specially Mono, for the development of mobile games and applications.

Among the technologies which will be presented, we have: .Net, Mono, C# Language, XNA, Unity3D, etc... Targeting Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, PlayStation VITA among others.

Renowned presenters include:
  • José Antonio Leal de Farias (Microsoft MVP - Creator of MonoGame)
  • Claudenir C.Andrade (Microsoft MVP Integration and Development Manager, R & D)
  • Rodrigo Kumpera - Mono Hacker (GC) of Xamarin
  • Breno Azevedo - Game Design - Hired by Electronic Arts LA and producer Taikodom
  • Alexandre Rocha Lima - Mono Hacker - worked on the project MonoBasic among others!
The event will take place August 24th/25th at BandTec College campus in São Paulo.

If you are interested in attending the event or watch it through the Internet make your pre-registration at the event site above.

Be sure to pre-register for this event, because although event is FREE of charge there a limited number of places!!

Hurry and make your application.

Some of the event coming sessions (all in Portuguese):
  • The state of development in the mobile world 2012
  • Mobile development with WINEmbedded and tablets
  • Mobile development with MonoTouch with Mono 4 Android
  • Combining Scripts with Unity3D Editor to create scenes in 3D games
  • RageTools: Developing characters in 2D
  • MonoGame, XNA open source multiplatform
  • Creation of Corporate Games
  • Introduction to game development with Scratch
  • Creating games for the PlayStation Vita with Mono
Mini-Courses (all in Portuguese):
  • Character Animation with Unity3D
  • RageTools: Developing characters in 2D
  • POS automation with Android
  • Development with MonoDroid
  • MonoGames, XNA for MAC and iPhone
  • iPhone Development with MonoTouch

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