Apr 8, 2009

First reading an old Spolsky essay

The Iceberg Secret, Revealed (2002) dabbles in that pesky space between managers and programmers, where the success or failure of a project is slowly forged day by day.

As I've experienced myself some of those misadventures I agree with him on most things, except on the critics to Extreme Programming.

Corollary Two is historically proven true in my life, but that is easy, and to a lesser degree corollary One is very true also.

But number Five seems a bit too short-sighted: yes, you absolutely need to have the application/site good-looking when showing it off, but that MUST be backed with really useful and usable features, or after the 'wow!' factor dissipates it won't grow beyond the early-adopters crowd, and probably will also be abandoned by them.

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