Apr 8, 2009

Java support in Google's App Engine and Mono and Sneer

I've been reading and watching the videos from Google's Campfire One, about the new features they've added to App Engine, specially the Java support, and got thinking of some possibilities when throwing Mono in the picture:

  1. We can see if they have interest in having Mono support in the App Engine, meaning basically to be able to host ASP.NET apps in there. That entails customizing the core libs/APIs using Mono as the VM and the libraries source, and also developing a plugin for Visual Studio (and maybe Monodevelop/Sharpdevelop) to give ASP.NET devs (WebForms and MVC) the same integrated experience they've provided for Java devs using Eclipse
  2. We can help Keerthi's proposal to GSOC for implementing a clone of Azzure take off, and integrate it into Monodevelop, and perhaps Visual Studio. The advantage here being that we would have an open-sourced cloud implementation, that more people can host, even as an in-house solution.
  3. We can retarget the Java in App Engine ideas from Computing in the Cloud, to Computing in the Crowd (Sovereign Computing),  it even keeps itself in the Java realm for the Sneer implementation of SC.
  4. Sneer.NET could offer something akin to Azzure
  5. We can drop all but the main concepts and have some Mono-based Cloud Implementation.
Well possibly some other permutations are also viable.
I've just thought to get the ball rolling on discussing those dreamable projects.


Greg said...

I wonder if Mainsoft will add some support for Google App Engine in their Grasshopper product?


Anonymous said...

I'd love to dev with mono on the Google App Engine :)

jsight said...

Thats exactly what I was thinking... this sounds like a perfect thing for a product like Mainsoft. Its much easier to just target the JVM than to support yet another VM on appengine, I think.

Diego Ezequiel Pérez said...

I'm personally working on a cloud platform similar to GAE but with support for generic webservers (starting with Mono because I love GAE and .NET).
Contact me if you're interested!